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Points to Consider When Choosing a Conference Location

Points to Consider When Choosing a Conference Location

When hosting a conference for clients, partners, or a bigger group of people, having the correct location makes all the difference. These ten suggestions will assist you in your search for the ideal meeting site.

Your to-do list appears to be never-ending, with everything from gathering speakers to getting sponsors on your plate. Since 36 percent of event planners spend most of their cash on the venue, selecting the right place for your event becomes one of the most crucial and difficult aspects of the planning process. Here are some suggestions for selecting an excellent site for your next business event, conference, or trade exhibition to make the process a little easier.

Accessibility: The location of the event site is critical for increasing the number of people that attend. Accessibility is the most important criterion to consider when selecting a venue for an event, according to 63 percent of respondents. Before deciding on a site, make certain that there is easy access to the venue by plane, train, or vehicle for those who wish to attend. Your attendees, who are likely to be VIPs or high-level executives, may be turned away if the only planes available require them to go on more than one leg. Confirm there is enough parking or valet services for participants who choose to drive their own vehicles to the event site. For more information, you can visit conference venues.

Make sure that there are restaurants or other attractions nearby that are open either before or after the event to optimize extra networking possibilities during the event itself. Suitable housing accommodations must be available within a reasonable distance of the event site if the venue is not housed within a hotel. If the venue is not within walking distance of the hotel, inquire as to whether the hotel will provide a shuttle service to and from the venue. If this is not the case, consider the availability and cost of taxi or automobile services for the participants.

Availability: Once you’ve determined whether the location is open, investigate whether the surrounding areas or other places are available as well — especially given the 4 percent increase in demand for non-traditional venues over the past year. Be careful to find out whether this is the busiest time of year for the venue or location. This will have an influence on the quantity of traffic in the common areas and may prevent organic networking chances during the event (pool, VIP lounge, etc).

Is the planned site appropriate for the event’s image or does it serve to undermine it? For the venue to be effective, it must be clearly aligned with not just the image you are attempting to create, but it must also be the most ideal location for your target audience. Keep stakeholders and sponsors in mind while making decisions. Inquire with the venue planner if there will be any other activities taking place on-site that may conflict with your event or branding message.

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