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Cubicles or Open Office Plan?

Cubicles or Open Office Plan?

So, you’ve just started your very own business or side hustle. Congratulations! you’re well on your way to financial freedom. If you’ve been reasonably successful, you might want to expand your business and hire more employees to work for you. After all, how can you grow the business without people working for you? But hiring people leads to the inevitable question, what kind of office should I have? You have to think about a myriad of things, whether you’re going to go for a coworking area, or whether you’re going to expand your home or rent out a whole office space.

If you believe that renting an office space is the right way to go, then we have good news for you. Let us introduce you to Brisbane serviced offices. They’ve got some great office spaces that you can choose from to make that initial difference in productivity. The office spaces that they provide are clean and very aesthetic as well as affordable.

When setting up your office space you will need to plan ahead. Do you go for a cubicle-based office structure or an open office plan? Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages but you can only have one of them, so which do you choose? Cubicles are great for deep work, where you need to be alone and undisturbed. And open office plans are great for projects where you need to have quicker collaboration between employees. But if you’ve worked in both environments, you’d know that neither is perfect. Cubicle based offices can often feel isolating and uninspiring, and open office plans can be a little too much, where your noisy coworkers constantly jabbering away on the phone can really put a damper on any kind of productive work.

The style of office we prefer speaks to our inner personalities. More outgoing and talkative types who love to collaborate will prefer open office spaces, whereas more introverted personalities who require some quietness when working prefer cubicles.

When we imagine open office spaces the first thing that comes to mind is something like a bench system. Employees are packed next to each other with little to no barrier in between themselves in order to maximize floor usage. This open arrangement is often less expensive and will accommodate far more people than a cubicle style office, but it comes with its own set of disadvantages. Cubicles were the preferred form of office layout for a long time because they were very convenient for managers. Cubicle employees’ output were a lot easier to quantify, and it gave the manager easy access to all their employees when they need to be assigned to a task. Cubicles also included separators between workstations that served to reduce noise being emitted, so that everyone benefitted from a quieter environment that was more conducive to work. Open office structures take that notion and flip it on its head. Quietness is less important than collaboration and being separated was suddenly suboptimal.

In truth, different types of offices require different types of office plans. In industries where the work is a little bit more concentration intensive, cubicles would be the way to go. However, creative style work, such as advertising usually benefits from this collaborative aspect.

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