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5 Ways to Look After Your Liver Health

5 Ways to Look After Your Liver Health

The liver is considered to be the second-largest organ in our body and it carries out some functions in the body such as metabolizing our food and removing all harmful toxins. It is also responsible for the formation of bile that is necessary for digestion.

Due to its importance to carry out very crucial bodily functions, the liver needs to be given the utmost care. However, with today’s lifestyle of many people, the liver may be subjected to harm mainly from what is consumed.

Listed below are a few ways you can make a part of your life to make sure that you are keeping your liver healthy.

1. Have a healthy weight

Your weight can determine the health condition of your liver. Therefore, when you are overweight or obese, it can have harmful impacts on your liver as well.

If you are aware that you are not maintaining a healthy weight, then you should take steps to get rid of all the extra fat and do your best to get to the weight that is best not only for your liver but also for your overall health.

To reduce your weight, ensure to do your exercises regularly and have a healthy balanced diet. This will ease your weight loss journey.

2. Consume alcohol in limited amounts

In a general stance, drinking alcohol can lead to many problems that affect your health. Similarly, alcohol has the ability to affect your liver by destroying the liver cells and causing scarring.

Thus, the best is to get rid of alcohol completely or rather do not overdrink and limit to only two glasses per day preferably one.

3. Add hibiscus tea to your diet

While getting rid of alcohol can be difficult and you are looking for a healthy alternative drink, there are many options you can choose from. One such beverage is hibiscus tea.

It has been proven in a study carried out on hamsters that hibiscus tea can reduce the signs that lead to a damaged liver. Another study that involved humans demonstrated that hibiscus tea can boost liver steatosis and thereby improve your liver’s overall health.

So, hibiscus tea is an apt choice amongst herbal teas to consume if you are particularly concerned about the health condition of your liver. You can find out more about the benefits of hibiscus tea and more online.

4. Stay away from toxins

Another way to maintain your liver’s health is by avoiding toxins as they can cause harm to your liver cells.

Direct contact with toxins can take place when you use cleaning products, insecticides as well as other chemicals without following safety measures. Moreover, you are directly exposed to toxins when you smoke as well.

Hence, make sure your room has enough ventilation and wear a mask before using aerosol products and avoid smoking to prevent toxins from harming your liver.

5. Wash your hands often

An easy way to prevent your liver from getting infected by bacteria is to keep your hands clean. So, you have to wash your hands frequently with soap or liquid handwash and water.

You need to make it a point to wash your hands especially before preparing meals, before eating, and most importantly after you use the bathroom.

Looking after our health is a significant aspect of our lives. Likewise, we need to follow healthful practices to maintain the health of our internal organs such as the liver too. Therefore, make use of the above-mentioned health tips to keep your liver healthy.

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