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What to Know About Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems

What to Know About Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is a method of using the heat from the outdoors and transferring it inside when the system is set for seating and extracting the heat from indoors and transferring it outside when the system is set to cool. This is similar to the functioning of a split system reverse cycle air conditioning.

It is very important that you select the right supplier and installer so that the system is installed properly. Improperly installed systems will not function well and this will reduce efficiency. So make sure you check for reviews and how long the company has been in operation when it comes to ducted heating and cooling Melbourne.   Air conditioning in this system works by taking the air from the room into the system and blowing it over the evaporator coils that contain the refrigerant. Inside the coil, this refrigerant is in the form of a liquid. When warm air indoors comes into contact with it, the refrigerant extracts that heat and leaves the air cool. But this heat causes the refrigerant to evaporate and turn into gas. This gas will go to the compressor where it will be compressed under high pressure and reach a high temperature. It is then transferred to the condenser where this heat is released and the gas will convert to liquid. This liquid is cooled down and goes into the evaporator coils starting the process again. There is a duct system to extract the air and return it to the rooms once the air has been cooled.

There are heat pumps in the reverse cycle system that is able to extract warmth from the outside and bring it inside. This is something that will happen in the winter months as well. The costs for air conditioner installation can vary with the scale of the project, supplier and the features that you are installing. But this is s system that can last you a long time. The supplier will send a team that has experience in installation to survey the location. They will find a suitable place for the ducts and the unit. They will measure the length of ducts needed and assess how to create the ducted system layout. There have to be openings made for return ducts. A platform has to be built for the air conditioning unit and once this is done, the ducting has to be attached. The electricity cables should be connected to the main unit and this has to be connected to the main electrical supply of the house. There is a drain that is used to remove condensation and this will be connected to the system as well. All ducts and vents have to be installed correctly as well as the control system. You will also need to replace ceiling insulation after the system has been installed.

You will be able to get both heating and cooling requirements from the ducted split system so you don’t need to spend on two different systems for the home. You will also find that the cost of installing split systems in all the rooms in the house is more expensive than going for ducted reverse cycle air conditioners. You are able to turn off cooling or heating to areas that are not in use because of zoning and this can help reduce utility bill costs.

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