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Unique Things to Beautify Your Home’s Walls

Unique Things to Beautify Your Home’s Walls

Aside from the furniture pieces and colour palette, another thing you could do to beautify your home is to put some wall hangings on empty spaces. It gives your interior décor a more personal touch and also adds life to your indoor space. Frames are the most common wall hanging used by homeowners in decorating their space.

Although you could personalize it depending on what photo you put in the frames, there are still plenty of unique things you could actually use to decorate the walls. Here are some of the distinct items you could use to beautify your walls aside from regular frames.


Tapestries have made their comeback in the past few years. Before, these decorative items are used on castle walls but now, it is popular on bohemian themed homes and even modern designed houses depending on the colour and texture of the tapestry. You could choose from a variety of colours, textures and even material on which one suits your décor perfectly. When hanging tapestries in your home, it is best to place them on accent walls, entryways, and even hallways if your home has one.


Another decorative items that speak the owner’s personality are artworks. It all depends on what type of art you like – whether it is a painting, drawing, photograph, or any other art forms. When buying artworks, you could look for pieces that go well with your current home décor or go adventurous by picking your own style. Explore this amazing collection of etching art for sale online and find the perfect piece for your home.


If you have a hat collection just sitting idly in storage, why not use them as a unique decorative element to your home? Putting up hats on the wall is an unexpected décor style but will surely amaze anyone coming into your home. When using hats for decoration, look for ones that have a similar colour or simply pair a collection of neutral shades with a bold coloured one for accent.


A lot of people are into taking care of indoor plants as a hobby during the pandemic. Plants has a relaxing and stress relieving effect, making them a perfect addition to your home. There are plenty of plants to choose from, depending on what style you want to achieve.

However, it would look best if you put together plants from a similar family. There are plenty of ways to decorate your walls with plants – from shelves, hanging pots, or simply a green wall if you’re aiming for a Zen inspired home décor.


Mirrors add an illusion of space to a room, making it look bigger than it really is. Aside from that, it also adds more natural light into your home, making it look brighter and well illuminated. A good mirror is definitely a perfect wall hanging you could add to your home with multiple benefits.

If you feel that your current home décor looks a bit dull, try adding a wall hanging and see how it changes the whole feel of your space.

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