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The three core areas of name branding of a business

The three core areas of name branding of a business

The branding of a business has several aspects. Amongst them are the three pillars of branding by words that you should pay attention to. In this read, you’re going to learn about it so thoroughly, that you wouldn’t be making mistakes hereafter.

Your business name

The first and the foremost name branding is the name itself of the business. The choice of the business name must be made depending on the type of the considered industry. For example, you wouldn’t name a law firm in the way you would name an ice cream brand or an apparel shop.

Hence, you need to land on a name that can find a space in the memory of any person and pops up the minute the need for types of services your company provides comes up.

Your slogan

Have you ever found yourself, mimicking some slogans in the ways they are told in commercials? If you paid close attention to it, you would notice how a single phrase of words is repeated so many times in a number of commercials to a point where the audience is expecting the cue to say it in their heads.

But being catchy isn’t enough; you need to make a statement; you need to send a message to the customers that you as a business know what you’re doing and can be trusted with their needs. Once you balance the quality of the business with customer needs, you’d land on the best solution.

Your business website name

The correlation between the name of the business and the business website is quite close. The closer it is, the more impactful would be the branding. But on top of that, there are some other tactical methods to further brush up on the branding aspect of a website.

For example, you can make use of the top-level domain names such as .store, .club, .melbourne, or .sydney based on your need. The rule of thumb is to include the name of the business in the website name somehow. In addition to that, if you’ve chosen a business name that involves numbers and words that can be easily mispronounced, you might want to go back to step one and think of a better business name.

To find out whether your desired business website name is available, you need to check that in a domain directory. If it is available, you can always hire a website hosting australia company to host the website for you. Depending on the strength of the network resources that you need, you can settle down for dedicated hosting services, VPS, or even shared. But in making decisions, be sure to go through all the features of each package as that would decide the effectiveness of the website as a whole.


Considering all these factors, it is clear that rushing should be the last thing to do that would exploit all the chances to do better branding. Hence, before you commit to any of the commercial operations, make sure that you’ve chosen the most suitable options for these three core areas of branding by words for good.