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How to Select Bubble Wrap Packaging

How to Select Bubble Wrap Packaging

Bubble wrap is a common way of packing items. They can keep a variety of items safe during transport, provided that you choose the right kind of bubble wrap for the nature of the product. There are different grades when it comes to bubble wrap and this determines the strength provided by them to the items packed.

Stronger grades of bubble wrap are made with more plastic and they can adequately protect an item from impact. The bubbles are more stable and hold up better and there is a low chance of them popping even if you drop the packed item. But we are more used to the multipurpose bubble wrap that most retailers use and while the strength of the bubbles is different, they can offer a large range of protection to many different products. Often this packing will be combined with a box when it comes to retail items. There is a lower grade than this which is used when your primary purpose is preventing scrapes. You need to keep the application in mind when you are buying best bubble wrap Australia so that you can provide adequate protection to your object.

There are different sized bubbles as well and smaller bubbles can prevent items from getting scratched and larger bubbles are good for protecting items from falls. The size of the bubbles is another thing you need to check. Bubbles that are 1/16” inches thick are quite small and they can be used to wrap smaller items that are fragile. This is a good option for wrapping glassware so that they don’t get scratched. You can achieve a similar use out of 1/8” bubble wrap as well but because the bubbles are slightly bigger, it offers a slightly increased protection. The multipurpose bubble wrap that you are commonly used to seeing has a thickness of 3/16” and you can use this for a variety of items. When it comes to larger sizes like 5/16” or 1/2″ which is the largest, these provide more cushioning for impact. And they can pack empty space effectively so that the items that are wrapped in it will stay in play within a box.

There are many ways that you can use bubble wrap to increase protection given to your belongings. A good tip is to use multiple layers of bubble wrap to ensure that there is sufficient impact resistance. This is applicable for smaller bubbles especially. You can also use two different grades of bubble wrap for extra protection. When you wrap glassware or other fragile items in bubble wrap with smaller bubbles in the normal grade, you can add to the protection by using a high grade bubble wrap around the already packed item to ensure that it arrives safely and in one piece at the final location. It all depends on the value of the item, its fragility and how you are transporting them. Most logistics companies will provide packaging when you move as an additional service and they will be aware of the proper packing techniques. Even if you are packing the item, it is best to be on the side of caution and make sure that there is sufficient bubble wrap to protect an item against a fall.

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