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How to Have A Spa Day at Home

How to Have A Spa Day at Home

Everyone reacts to stress differently. Some could handle an enormous amount of stress while others break down easily on the first sign of trouble. But no matter how different we all react to stress; we all should remember that stress affects us physically and mentally and that we should relieve ourselves of what causes us anxiety whenever we get the chance for some rest and relaxation.

One of the most common and effective ways to release tension is to visit a spa and get some pampering treatments. Since not all of us could afford to go to swanky spas every time we are stressed, we could just have a spa day at home by doing the following:

Make sure all your stressors are gone (even if it’s just temporary)

The purpose of having a spa day at home is to relieve stress and the first thing that must be done is to remove or avoid stressors during this time. If your stressors are something that you could not totally and 100% avoid (hint: your annoying neighbour), you could just make sure that on the date and time that you are trying to relax, the people or things that cause you stress would not disturb you when you are trying to release some stress. Make sure that you have the home to yourself and that no one would come in the way of your deserved me-time.

Mute all gadgets

When we are home, it is recommended that we do not think about work. Separate your work life from your home life and that means no opening and reading your work emails while at home. But sometimes we could not help it especially if we keep hearing our gadgets pinging with notifications. When you are doing your at-home spa, make sure that all your gadgets are muted so you would not be disturbed by the constant notifications.

“Copy” the set-up of your favorite spa

To make sure you get the full experience, try to emulate the look and feel of your favourite spa. If you feel relaxed because of the soothing music, play the same sound when you are doing an at-home spa. Light some scented candles. Choose scented candles from the Lumira candles range that promote relaxation such as ylangylang and Persian rose to help you unwind after a week of stress and hard work.

Make it a regular activity

Now that you have tried and tested having an at-home spa, make it a regular activity that you would look forward to whenever you are feeling overwhelmed. Just by having the thought of a relaxing afternoon or evening smelling your scented candles, listening to relaxing music and pampering yourself with a facial, a mani-pedi or a long and luxurious dip in your bathtub complete with bath salts and bubble would instantly help you calm down.

Of course, nothing beats going to the spa and having someone else pamper you but not always having the budget for it should impede us from relaxing and recharging for the coming work week.