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Why Would You Need A Lawyer In The Work Place?

Why Would You Need A Lawyer In The Work Place?

Workplace unfairness is a serious issue. That is why you may need a lawyer. There are multiple situations where a lawyer may be needed. Below, we’ll be discussing all of them. If interested, read ahead.


No one likes to be bullied. You think it stops at high school, but unfortunately, it may not. High-pressure companies are known to have a toxic environment. This environment causes workers to distress by targeting their peers.

You may work in such an establishment which is why you’re sick of constantly being harassed. Such mental abuse requires a lawyer’s aid. With him by your side, you can charge the company for the trauma you’ve endured.

At the end of the day, you’ll be leaving with a large sum and if you really want, you could make the business go bankrupt.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is very common in the workplace. As you can imagine, it’s especially common if you’re a female.

Most of the time, higher-ups are known to make comments and make female employees uncomfortable.

Usually, it’s just uncomfortable remarks. However, the situation could escalate and the person may try and touch you. When this happens, do not be afraid to report them.

However, you’ll need quite a bit of evidence so get your phone out and record them all the time. With this, you can take them to court.

Not only could you take them to court but the company as well. This is as they allowed such an incident to take place.

You’ll need a personal injury lawyer to do such a thing. Most of them come with a no win no fee policy. So, you’re saving money.  If you’re on the look out for no win no fee lawyers Melbourne has many personal injury lawyers with such a policy.

Are You Hurt?

Depending on what you do, your job can be very dangerous. If you work in an office, you may think accidents won’t take place, but they can. When they do, you’re going to hurt yourself badly.

That’s why you need to take legal action against the company. They were negligent, allowing such a situation to arise. For example, there may have been a loose wire in your office. Accidentally, you stepped on it, electrocuting yourself.

A lawyer would file a case to pay for your medical bills as well as any trauma you’ve endured.

Were You Fired?

Your boss can’t fire you that easily. There needs to be sufficient grounds for this to take place. This is especially true if you’re on a permanent contract.

That being said, you may have been fired unlawfully. For example, being pregnant. You may have been let go because of maternity leave.

Because of this, you can take action against your employers. It’s completely illegal for them to do so, so you can take them to court for a huge settlement.

No Severance

When you leave your job, you’re entitled to severance. However, the people you work for may not pay the amount due. Or they may not pay you at all. This is where a lawyer comes in.

As you can see, there are multiple incidents where you’d need a lawyer in the workplace.

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