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Wedding Planning: The 5Ds to Focus On

Wedding Planning: The 5Ds to Focus On

Wedding planning can be hectic and fun at the same time. There are so many elements that you will need to pay attention to and make the best choices. Here are the five D’s that you would focus on primarily as you plan and organize the big day!


It is important to pick out a good date to celebrate your big day. Not everyone would give this a lot of thought, however, there could be couple of things that you would want to think about before you fix the date. For instance, the weather is something that matters greatly, especially when you want to have outdoor celebrations. You also need to make sure that the date you pick is convenient, and that your family and friends will be able to make it. Make sure that no one is on vacation or migrating anywhere around the dates you pick!


The destination of your wedding is everything! It could decide how amazing and beautiful the entire celebration turns out. Little things such as the colour and style of your outfits, as well as the themes of your décor are all very much connected to the destination and the atmospheres. Therefore, when you pick a destination, you would take into consideration all these little but essential factors, and also make sure you pick one that is practical, convenient, and above all, safe!


If you asked the bride, she would admit straight away, that nothing matters more than the bridal gown, outfits, wedding shoes, and the accessories. This might be all that matters to the bride, and everything else becomes secondary.

In most cases, the bride would decide on her complete outfit, including those of her bridesmaids and the rest of the clan, and then go on to pick out destinations and décor accordingly. Whatever way you choose to plan your wedding, you would make sure that your wedding dress and those of your maids are given loads of priority so they turn out fabulous!


As mentioned above, the type of decor you at four might be greatly determined by the destinations, the outfits, and the colours involved. You can explore options in so many ways where you can choose from florals, lanterns, balloons, minimalist styles, and so much more.

The choices you make can certainly be critical in creating the overall presentation of your celebration. You may want to speak to expert decorators and have them visit your venue/destination so that they could give you the best options and ensure your ceremony turns out no less thana fairy-tale one!

Dining, Drinks and Dessert

Last but not least, the catering part is something you would pay loads of your attention to, too. Along with décor, music and dance, your guests need to enjoy great food and drinks, too. You might want to pick out a great menu, and pay specific attention to the type of drinks as well as the desserts you will serve at the ceremony, because they certainly can add an extra bit of sweetness to the celebration!