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Tips in Dressing Kids for Winter

Tips in Dressing Kids for Winter

Kids are more susceptible to the cold weather than adults. Because their bodies are small, it is easier to lose heat. Aside from that, most kids especially the younger ones don’t easily realize that they feel cold. It is up to the parents to observe whether their child is feeling cold and needs some extra warmth to keep them comfortable.

During winter, it is easy to just stay indoors and keep warm. However, there are so many fun things that could be done outdoors as well and you wouldn’t want your kids to miss all the experience. Knowing how to dress them up well during winter is an essential part of letting them still have fun in the cold outdoors. Here are some simple tips to remember when dressing your child during winter.

Dress Them in Layers

Layering is one of the basics when it comes to dressing up during winter. Layers of clothing help keep a child warm and comfortable even when the surrounding is freezing. Aside from that, it is also easier to adjust the temperature if the temperature rose a little and your child is feeling a little bit hot than before.

Simply take off some layers to cool him down and add more if the temperature gets colder. Choose clothing pieces for layering wisely. Look for inner layers that are made from light fabrics – for instance, a baby winter onesie – and leave the heavy bulky material for the outerwear.

Avoid Cotton

Cotton is really absorbent and while it is comfortable to wear it during summer time, it is not recommended during winter. Cotton easily absorbs snow and moisture. Aside from that, it also absorbs the wearer’s sweat. It would really make your kids feel very cold when their clothes are wet with sweat plus the cold temperature outside. Look for winter-friendly materials instead like fleece and wool.

Add Extra Protection to the Face, Fingers and Toes

The face, fingers, and toes are more sensitive to cold that other parts of the body. When exposed to extreme cold, these parts could get a frostbite. When going out, be sure to protect these parts by letting your child wear extra protective pieces like heavy non-cotton socks, scarf, bonnet, waterproof boots and socks to keep those sensitive parts warm and toast even when the temperatures are really cold.

Be Sure to Bring Extras

When you’re going out with your kids during winter, it is important to always bring extra clothes. Even just a single splash of water or sweaty clothes can make your child feel cold and uncomfortable. Be sure that you have extras to have a continuous outdoor fun during winter. Nothing beats a parent that is always ready whatever happens.

With these useful dressing tips, you can surely keep your child comfortable all throughout your winter outdoor adventure. Make them enjoy all kinds of winter fun outdoors for a more memorable time and to prevent boredom as well during the winter months.