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Tips for Selecting the Perfect Fabric for Sewing

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Fabric for Sewing

Your fabric choice is very important when it comes to the success of a sewing project. Improper selection of fabric will lead to the garment not draping the way it is supposed to. Many people rely on patterns to sew and this is the first place you can look for instructions regarding the fabric. Most of the websites that offer sewing patterns will recommend several fabric types that will suit the garment. If you are going for an alternative fabric that is not on the list, you need to make sure that it behaves and drapes similar to the suggested fabrics.

The difficulty level of sewing a garment will depend on the type of fabric as well. Some fabrics are notoriously difficult to work with and a beginner will need more experience familiarizing them with it before moving on to sewing a full garment. Some of the fabrics that will give you a hard time are silk fabric and satin. They are beautiful fabrics that can create gorgeous garment prices but they have a very slick and smooth texture which makes it hard to join pieces together. So if you are a beginner, it is best to start with an easier fabric like full cotton. Another fabric that can give a beginner a hard time is knit fabric and because of the stretch factor, it is very difficult to work with it.The thickness of the fabric can also be a difficulty when cutting the fabric or sewing it. A good example is denim. You will need to use specific tools to work with denim.

You need to consider the season that the garment can be worn during as well. If you are in a tropical country, lighter fabrics are the most comfortable to wear. In countries where all four seasons are experienced, you can have a larger variety of fabrics for use. For example, wool or flannel materials are great for colder months in winter as they can retain heat. You need to consider the application of what you are sewing before selecting the fabric. For example, there are special fabrics that are best for quilts and hardier fabric for upholstery. The strength of the fabric should be considered when you are selecting it. There are some fabrics that don’t do well with regular washing or normal machine washing. You will need to hand wash them or take it to a dry cleaner. This can be a hassle for everyday clothing. Fabrics like polyester and cotton will not give you any trouble with the washing as they are very durable. So it is best to leave fabrics such as silks for evening wear.

It is important to exercise caution when you are sewing patterned fabrics. They can produce beautiful garments with a touch of flair but you need to match the patterns properly when you are sewing so that the finished product looks seamless. If you are new to patterns, you can start with larger patterns as they are easier to match. And you can work your way up to more complicated patterns.

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