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Selecting the Right Style and Size for Your Bedside Table

Selecting the Right Style and Size for Your Bedside Table

A bedside table is an essential piece of furniture in the bedroom and it is aesthetically appealing and has a practical function. This will be where you can place your alarm clock and a bedside lamp along with essentials such as phone chargers, nighttime skincare etc. And this will also be something that adds personality to your bedroom décor.

When it comes to choosing the style of bedside tables there are many options that you can consider. You have to think about the style of your bedroom whether it is rustic, modern, traditional, eclectic etc. And if you have a modern bedroom, you can look for a sleek and minimal bedside table that has clean lines and a smooth surface. There are also stone tables that can be used as a functional element as well as a statement piece. Some of the materials you can look for are glass, metal or wood in neutral colours such as grey, black or white. You can also have a traditional bedside table that has ornate details, rich finishes and mouldings. There can be wood tables or veneer used so that you can enjoy warm tones such as mahogany and walnut. If you are looking for a rustic bedside table, you can look for natural materials such as reclaimed wood. You can use distressed finishes and earthy tones to create a rustic warm look. For something more quirky, you can use a mix of patterns, colours and textures for the bedside table so that a unique personalised look can be created. You can mix and match different colours, styles and patterns.

The size of the bedside table is an important consideration

And you need to make sure this is proportionate to your bed and the available space in the bedroom. You have to consider the height of the bedside table and this has to be level with the top of the mattress or be slightly lower than this for convenience. You will be able to reach from the bed and pick up something from the table and this will also add to a more cohesive look added to the bedframe. The width of the bedside table should be proportional to the width of the bed and the space available on either side of the bed. To get a rough idea, select a bedside table that is roughly half the width or smaller than this. And the depth of the bedside table will depend on the space available next to the bed. If you don’t have a lot of space, a bedside table with shallow depth can be selected so that it doesn’t extend too much into the room.

It is very important to consider the functionality of the bedside table.

This will be something that you use on a daily basis and it should make your life easier. You need to check for storage options so that you can have your nighttime essentials easily organised and within your reach. Also, having drawers instead of doors can make it very easy to use the bedside table as you don’t need to bend down and reach into it to find an item. You have to think about the items you will be storing in here so that you can select a good size and storage options. Many people tend to keep their phone here and it can be a good to choose a bedside table that comes with a built-in charging station.