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Repair yourself or a garage? Questions to ask yourself before a 4×4 repair

Repair yourself or a garage? Questions to ask yourself before a 4×4 repair

Knowing your 4×4 as the back of your hand is a valuable skill. Because after all, when you’re able to fulfil the services of a mechanic, the accumulation of savings would always have a massive impact as they go. But is it actually worth the risk? Since 4×4 vehicles repairs can be bit of a challenge, you should probably ask yourself these questions before making a decision

How acknowledged are you on the subject?

The insides of a vehicle is quite a maze that can be quite tangling. Thus, the tutorials on the internet shouldn’t be your sole source of information; after all, you’d see all the long fine print disclaimers in each of the automobile self-repair videos. But here’s the thing; it doesn’t hurt to learn and educate yourself. For example, you could always buy the parts you prefer and ask them to install them as you watch. If you have enoygh knowledge, you’d know whether they’re doing their job right.

What is the degree of reliability of the used parts?

This is probably the strongest reason why most people want to repair their vehicles on their own. Because how else can you be so sure of the parts they use; these are service stations where vehicles are dismantled and reassembled on daily basis. On the flip side, most of these companies wouldn’t go out of their way to get you a specific product based on your preference; if they do, it’s going to cost your extra. Let’s assume you’ve a nice 4×4 and you want a specific set of rims and they don’t have it. Rather than accepting whatever there is you can always buy the best steel 4×4 rims and get them to install them for you; it’s that easy.

What are the possible risks of if things go south?

Before you even start the job, there’s no doubt that you’re thinking about how peaceful your day would be as soon as you’ve finished the job. But at the same time, you need to give most attention to the negative side of it. All the mechanics in any service station have gotten things wrong for several times. Because of that, they know what not to do, just as much as what’s the right measure to take. Hence, you should only make a final decision depending on the severity of the situation there’d be if it went south.

Do you need the best option?

There are occasions where you’re necessarily looking for the best option but the most optimal option. For that, you need to be sure of the chosen option. Depending on the difficulty during the repair, you should know what’s going to happen. Hence, be sure to have a clearer idea about these optimal options so you can request them.


Whether it was regarding your engine or the tyre system of your 4×4, you shouldn’t always go to a garage or do it yourself; you should make the right section. For that, these questions will always be helpful.