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Renting Space Heaters? Consider the Following Factors

Renting Space Heaters? Consider the Following Factors

Space heaters are wonderful innovation to keep us warm during winter times. This is ideal for residential areas and even for businesses that have outdoor seating. If you are thinking of renting space heaters for whatever reason, there are certain factors that you need to think about first to make sure that you are renting one that is appropriate to what you require.

The factors that you need to consider are the type of the space heater, how energy efficient it is and how safe they are to use especially if there are kids and pets.

The type of space heater

If you are renting a space heater for your room or for your home, you need not to go big. You could just rent space heaters ideal for small homes. But if you have an outdoor event or you need one for an industrial or commercial purpose, it’s better to rent it from Aggreko’s industrial heating rentals. They specialize in temperature control in industrial settings.

Once you have determined the purpose of your renting a space heater, it would be easier for you to narrow down the type of heater that you could rent. For example, radiant heaters are perfect for small spaces which is ideal for those wanting a space heater for their bedroom or other parts of the home.

Convection heaters on the other hand provide a balanced whole room heating which is ideal for those with roommates and you could avoid any fights or misunderstandings on where the space heater should be placed to provide warmth when both of you feel cold easily.

If you are renting a space heater for commercial purposes, say you are in the food and beverage industry and you want to attract more customers but the only space you have is outdoor seating, you could rent screw plug heaters which is popular in this industry because of their versatility and easy installation.

The most energy efficient space heater

Since space heaters use energy and we are likely to keep them plugged in for prolonged period of time, we would want to rent space heaters that are energy efficient. We don’t want our electricity bill to surge because we are using space heaters which is fortunate since there are models that are energy efficient.

To make sure the model is efficient in providing warmth but would not increase our energy bill, look for models with adjustable thermostats, with automated timers and with low wattage. In this way, we are the ones deciding on our usage of the heater.

The safest space heater

Since space heaters are emitting heat, they could potentially become fire hazards if they are neglected. So, renting a space heater that has numerous safety features is recommended. Look for space heaters that are cool to the touch even if they have been running for a long period of time, that way the risk of burns and for it to be the source of fire is minimal.

Convenience is also a consideration when you think about renting space heaters. Of course, you would want one that does not emit any loud noise when on.