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Marketing Strategies for Small Business

There are many ways that you can mark your place as a new business. However, at the centre of your branding is your marketing strategy. So how do you develop as a new business and ensure that you reach a large audience with your marketing? Here are some strategies you can try out.

Social Media

It is really difficult to find someone who does not use social media. Because of this, the best way to grab the attention of potential customers is through social media sites. Specially, Facebook, that allows several features for business accounts. Facebook advertising is capable of advanced targeting, which is a method of reaching a specific audience. This will make it easier to you to reach your target audience easily.

Another site that is gaining popularity fast is Instagram. Unlike Facebook, what sells on Instagram are pictures and images. With a few images that are eye-catching you can appeal to customers’ emotions. All you need is a good camera (even your phone camera!) And a good editing app and you will be able to stop your customers from scrolling down.

Google Tools

Google offers several tools that business owners can use for their advantage. For example, Google My Business is a tool that can be used to manage your online presence. This helps you to improve your activity on Google including Google Search and Google Maps. This is especially beneficial for small businesses as it helps to make you more visible to local customers.

Another tool to use for your advantage is Google AdWords. This helps you to improve more traffic and generate more visibility for your business online.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategy where you create and publish content for specific targeted audiences online. Use quality and relevant content and publish them consistently to make sure your audience remains with you and is interested in what you publish.

For better results you can even use SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps to keep your content among the top search results of a search engine. SEO increases the promotion of your business or brand and improves the discovery of your content/ website.


Email allows you to reach multiple people at once with little to no cost. You have the privilege to reach even an international customer with the use of emails. Email marketing starts by getting the email address of your customers or those who visit your website.

Most often, websites ask for the visitor’s email address in exchange for something such as free trials or site membership. Once you receive their emails, you can contact them via email to let them know of promotions, sales, discounts and new products.

Advertising Mail

If you think advertising mail, also known as direct mail or traditional mail has run its course, think again! Advertising mail is the perfect way for you to be creative and appealing with your customers. The benefit that small businesses have in this strategy is that you have a local customer base that you are close to. Send them creative products; from handmade envelops to unique materials such as recycled paper. The more creative you are, the more you can compel the customers to open and read your mail.

Get in touch with the trends of the marketing world. But at the same time, remember that sometimes old and traditional means can help too. Find out what strategies fit you the best and use those to improve your business.