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How to Select a Wedding Videographer

How to Select a Wedding Videographer

While wedding photography is quite common, many people opt to have a wedding videographer as well. Most of the time, this can be done by the same company. There are a few factors you need to consider when choosing a videographer and you can find more information in the article below.

There are many different styles of wedding videos so first of all,

You need to decide what your preference is. For example, there are journalistic videos that capture the candid emotions of the day. Some other options are cinematic, documentary and storytelling videos. It all depends on what you and your partner wants and how you want to remember your big day. A good idea is to check out a few wedding videos done by different videographers to understand the differences in style. There will be minimal interference in a documentary style wedding video and it will capture authentic feelings and moments. You can check out videos by Hey Jack to get an idea of the level of authenticity and creativity they can bring to their work. If you have a vision for the wedding video, you can look for inspiration online that aligns with this.

You can also ask

Your friends and family members that have recently gotten married about the videographers they worked with. You can see their wedding video and get some first-hand information about what it is like working with a wedding videographer. You can watch sample wedding videos of wedding videographers in your area to get an idea of the styles they specialise in. Generally, these samples will be their best work and it gives you a great opportunity to evaluate their skills. Different wedding videographers will tell stories in their own way and there is no right or wrong. Think about what makes you feel more connected to the story and who is able to bring the raw emotions to the forefront when building the video. A great way to know how it is to work with a particular wedding videographer is to read their client reviews.

There will be testimonials on their official website but make sure to read independent reviews on other sites as well so that you are able to build an unbiased view of their professionalism and way of working. Focus on what the previous clients say about the skills of the videographer in putting them at ease and capturing the best moments along with their reliability. They should be able to communicate with the couple clearly in order to explain their vision and be punctual as well. Check how long the videographer has been covering weddings and whether they are able to handle working in so many different conditions. For example, check whether they are able to work in varying light level conditions and whether they are able to produce a high quality video at the end. Client reviews will give you an idea of when you can expect the final wedding video but make sure to ask the videographer as well in the initial meeting.