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How NDIS Psychological Support Can Manage Anxiety and Stress

How NDIS Psychological Support Can Manage Anxiety and Stress

It is common to experience stress and anxiety but this can have a significant impact on your quality of life and wellbeing. If you are an individual with disabilities, there are unique challenges when it comes to managing anxiety and stress as you will also be dealing with communication barriers, physical limitations and social isolation. NDIS or the National Disability Insurance Scheme offers access to psychological support services that can be tailored to your needs and in this article, we will look at how this support can help manage stress and anxiety so that you can have better mental health.

Anxiety is the persistent fear,

Worry or apprehension you have when it comes to future situations or events. And stress is the way your body responds to pressure or demands. These demands can be perceived or real. But anxiety and stress can manifest as physical symptoms like rapid heartbeat, muscle tension,  sweating and difficulty concentrating. If you have a disability, stress can be triggered by a change in your routine, sensory overload, social interactions or just feelings of uncertainty about the future. You can find NDIS psychology providers that offer services provided by psychologists that specialise in working with individuals that have disabilities. These services can address a wide range of mental health concerns such as anxiety and stress. This can be done through therapeutic techniques and evidence based interventions. The psychologicalsupportservices can be accessed by the participants through their NDIS plan which can include group therapy, individual therapy sessions, and skill building workshops.

CBT or cognitive behavioural therapy is an effective approach when it comes to managing stress and anxiety. This will identify negative thought patterns and behaviours that lead to stress and anxiety and challenge them. You will be able to learn practical methods to identify irrational beliefs and reframe them. There are many coping skills you can learn through NDIS psychological services so that you can managesymptoms of stress and anxiety. You can also gradually expose yourself to situations that you fear in a controlled way. Thanks to NDIS psychological services, you will have the tools and techniques needed to regain a sense of control over your emotions and thoughts.

Another way to reduce stress

And anxiety is through mindfulness based interventions such as mediation and techniques for relaxation. This can help the individuals cultivate their awareness of the present moment and accept their feelings and thoughts without judgement. The participants will be able to manage stress and anxiety in an effective manner through thesetechniques so that they can become n tint the face of stressor. You can incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine so that you can start seeing improvements. You also need to have social support and connection when it comes to managing stress. But as an individual with a disability, it can be difficult to access social networks. Through NDIS psychological services, you will be able to find a supportive environment where you can connect with others that face similar challenges.