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How a Locksmith Can Help with Modern Car Keys

How a Locksmith Can Help with Modern Car Keys

Car keys have moved from the simple mechanical keys to complex electronic systems. And modern car keys include transponder keys, key fobs and smart keys. These offer advanced security features but there are some unique challenges to deal with if the malfunction or become lost. With professional locksmith services, you will be able to address some of the issues related to these keys.

Transponder keys have a microchip

That communicates with the ignition system of your car and this is quite common to see in modern vehicles. If you lose your transponder key or if it is damaged, the car will not start without the right chip signal. You can go to MS auto cut car keys to have a replacement transponder key created by programming a new key to the unique code of your vehicle. They will use specialised equipment to clone the existing key or even create a new one from scratch. Key fobs are quite convenient because of some of the features they provide such as keyless entry, remote start and trunk access. But as they rely on complex electronic systems and batteries, they can be susceptible to issues. The dead batteries can be replaced by a locksmith or they can repair the damaged fobs. These can be reprogrammed if they are not synchronised with the vehicle anymore. If your fob gets stolen or you lose it, you can have a locksmith deactivate the old fob and programme a new one so that you can maintain the security of your car.

There are smart keys or proximity keys

That will allow you to unlock and start the vehicle without having to insert the key physically. These keys work using radio frequency identification technology to communicate with the vehicle. And if these smart keys are lost or start malfunctioning, locksmiths can offer replacements. The new keys will be programmed to your vehicle. Once they create a new key, it will be programmed to the computer system of the vehicle so that it can operate seamlessly. If you happen to be locked out of your car, you can reach out to a locksmith that offers emergency lockout services. They will unlock the car doors without using destructive methods so that no damage is done to your vehicle. This is an important service as you will not be able to gain access to the car otherwise with its complex locking mechanism.

Sometimes there can be ignition issues.

The ignition system and the car key are closely linked and when there are issues with these two components, the car will not start. The locksmith can check whether it is the lock or ignition system that is malfunctioning and repair it. This can be a workout ignition cylinder or a faulty key or an issue with the immobiliser system of the var. The ignition components can be repaired or replaced by the locksmith and the keys can be reprogrammed to work with the new system. You can upgrade the security features of the vehicle using locksmith services. They will be able to install advanced alarm systems, additional immobilisers and upgrade the mechanism to a newer keyless entry system. You can stay up to date with the security technologies so that the safety of your vehicle can be enhanced.