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Guidelines to plan a beautiful funeral service

Guidelines to plan a beautiful funeral service

Most of the time the death of a loved one happens with little or no warning. So when you find yourself facing the death of a beloved family member, friend, or colleague you feel overwhelmed with emotion. We are never ready to say goodbye to our loved ones, but in life there comes a moment where you have to say goodbye to a loved one, no matter how difficult it is. Many different cultures and religions have different customs and traditions that are invoked in their unique funeral rites and rituals. So a funeral is the only doorway that is given to us to bid farewell to a beloved person, after they have passed on.

If you are facing the task of planning a funeral service, one of the first decisions you will have to make is to decide on what type of service it’s going to be. This may differ according to the beliefs, religion, and culture of the deceased. You can take such gentle matters into consideration when planning a funeral service. You should plan it in a way that honours the memory of your late loved one, so you can speak with the funeral director about how you want the funeral service planned.

You should then decide on a date and the venue of the funeral, once you have planned a convenient and practical date it is important that you inform relatives and friends about it. If you are having a religious ceremony you need to find a minister or an appropriate religious leader who can conduct the ceremony and try and incorporate religious rituals and customs that highlights the belief system of the late loved one so that you can give him/her a proper goodbye in a way that would honor their memory.

If it’s not a religious ceremony still you can make it a beautiful and memorable one by incorporating so many creative ideas into the ceremony. You can have a loved one read a poem, or something personally written for the deceased. You can also play a tasteful selection of music that was preferred by your late loved one, to honour their memory. And one of the most beautiful ways to celebrate the life of your late loved one, you can arrange a small orchestra to play live music right throughout the ceremony.

You can also create a photo montage of the late loved one and have them displayed on a screen. This will give the chance for all visitors to invoke beautiful memories of the deceased. A funeral can be made so beautiful by the addition of flowers. Do not stick to traditional flowers that are used at funerals, you can add some creativity by incorporating favorite flowers of your late loved one as it will be yet another beautiful way of honoring their memory. You could ask a few people to share some good stories about the late loved one. Sharing of good and interesting stories can be one of the best ways that you can celebrate the life lived by your loved one and bid them goodbye in the most honorable way.