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Gorgeous Design Trends for a Modern Kitchen

Long ago, the kitchen is not much well decorated. In fact, it is located somewhere at the back of the home, away from all the attention and activities. Since the rise of modern kitchen design, homeowners have started investing in the aesthetics of their cooking space. You can now see kitchens with bold and unique colour schemes, stylish fixtures and decorative accents.

If you’re looking for ways on how to upgrade that kitchen of yours, here are some great ideas to try.

Smart Kitchen

Technology has been a great part of our daily lives. Who would’ve thought that these high tech gadgets can help in the kitchen? Integrating technology to every part of the kitchen makes every function a lot easier. For example, installing a faucet sensor that automatically turns on the tap when it senses hands makes it easier to wash even when you’re holding something. Having a coffee maker that instantly makes you coffee at a set time of the day. Having a virtual kitchen assistant that can help find some recipes or help you in preparing best dishes, and so on.

Colours Are In

Before, the traditional kitchen is usually all white – from countertops to shelves and cupboards. Modern kitchens are now up for something for stylish. The latest trends in kitchen design are focused on adding statement on this essential part of our home. Neutral colours are popular since they blend well on almost any theme. If you’re a lot more adventurous, try bolder hues like emerald green, plum and black to add a luxurious feel to the kitchen.

Smooth Designs

Smooth and streamlined designs are common factors of a modern kitchen design. The simpler it edges are, the better. Clean lines are more relaxing to look at which makes it perfect for kitchen since it is where you grab a meal after a long day. Textured surfaces are also popular now, from polished, glossy, wood, tile and even stone. Stone splashbacks look great for kitchens with a minimalist design. Check this out for stylish and elegant stone kitchen splashbacks Melbourne

Effective Storage Solutions

Another great thing to give your kitchen an updated look is to invest in good storage options. Having shelves and drawers of different sizes can help a lot in storing things of various sizes and shapes. Overhead cabinets are slowly moving out of the picture since most homeowners can’t reach or don’t find them useful. Instead they install cabinets and drawers below counters to save space.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands have become the main focal point of a kitchen. When you install one, make sure it is designed for multipurpose use. Allot a wider space for its countertop and add some drawers and cabinets under it to hold kitchen appliances and other utensils.

Connect It Outside

If the kitchen’s location favours it, adding an entryway from your kitchen to your garden or patio makes it look more appealing. It also increases the kitchen’s functionality by having access to serve both the main dining area and an outside entertaining space.

There are no rules when it comes to kitchen design. It’s totally up to you and what look you prefer to achieve.