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Dog Care Guide – Choosing the Right Toy for It

Dog Care Guide – Choosing the Right Toy for It

Dog toys are a must have for your fur friends! They make for a great little entertainment for the dog. Having something to chomp on also keeps them distracted and occupied, especially if you’re up for a busy time.

Toys are also great for the mental well-being of your dog; not only does it help them overcome boredom but it even provides them with a sense of comfort during certain nervous times. Did you know you could even train your dog to avoid certain behaviour issues with the help of a toy? Therefore, toys do indeed make for a very useful product when it comes to the important list of dog items.

However, there are various types of toys out there and selecting the right and safe one for your dog can be a slightly trickier process than you expected it to be. Keep reading as we give you a small insight on how to choose the right toy for your dog.

Things to keep in mind when getting the right toy

Although your dog does definitely need a toy to have fun and play around with, you also need to ensure its safety by keeping the following to factors in mind:

  • Age – When it comes to selecting toys, the age of your dog does matter. If your dog is a pup, then getting it the right type of toy is important. Between three to nine months, your puppy is known to be in the process of teething, therefore it’s best to avoid hard or rubbery toys and rather provide it with soft plushy ones. When your dog ages and is past its teething process, it builds amore stronger set of teeth that allows it to munch and chew on slightly harder materials like rubber. So, before you head into a store and purchase a toy for your dog, ensure its age friendly.
  • Size – When it comes to size, it often depends on the breed of your dog. You don’t want to get it something too small that provides the possibility for it to choke on, neither do you want to get it something larger than its jaw capacity as that would cause it to strain it teeth and jaw on it. Choose the size of your dog’s toy wisely. Big breeds like the German Shepherd often prefer tough dog toys as they have a harsher chewing habit.

The best types of toys for your dog

The most recommended types of toys for your dogs are active toys, comfort toys and distraction toys. Active toys help keeps your fur friend active, giving it something to play around and about with during fetch, tug-of-war etc., whereas comfort toys are stuffed toys and suitable for all dog breeds to carry around with them at all times, giving them something near and dear to hold onto. Distraction toys are considered to be toys that have treats stuffed in them, keeping them occupied for hours while them chew and munch on it.

Make sure to keep your dog’s paw off of rawhide chew toys!

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