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Do you realize the dirt you are embracing right under your feet?

The part of your body which tend to get the most dirty is your feet. When you step into your bathroom as soon as you remove your outdoor shoes, you would realize the certainty of it. And the most used accessory to rub off your feet would be the carpet. It is agreeable to say that carpets are the most unclean fixture you’ll encounter.Vacuum cleaning on its own is not enough to get rid of deep down dirt that’s fixed into your carpet. Not cleaning your carpet would cause the dirt to get build up with time and eventually flatten it up. This is a problematic issue.

These, which can be seen in both your home and office can come under many wear and tear. They can be spoiled with traffic lanes, blemishes, discoloring and ultimately lead to the need of replacing it. The carpets that does not receive regular professional cleaning could ultimately end up in a bad state far away from being able to be recovered. With regular cleaning, the cleanest carpets can keep up with its new look, texture and the aroma for longer.

Carpet is a filter

The carpet does a valued job by acting as a filter, trapping in damaging air pollutants such as dust mites, pollen, fungi, bacteria, chemicals, tars and filtrates. Sounds terrible right? The misfortune is that once the carpet gets ‘full’, it no longer has the capacity to embrace these contaminants. These trapped contaminants can only be removed with regular professional carpet cleaning. This makes it an obligation to clean your carpets.

Breathing issues? Here’s what could trigger them

The dust mites trapped inside the carpet can trigger asthma, eczema, and rhinitis attacks. Quite often people are searching for a solution to these conditions and the solution may well be right under your feet. This is a serious health issue for those with environmental allergies. In fact, grimy carpets can lead to serious health problems in otherwise healthy people.

Did you know that carpets are 4,000 times dirtier than a toilet bowl? And that’s not even including dust mites, pollen, pet hair, dead skin cells, insect feces, insect husks and many other allergens. This makes it a necessity to clean your carpets regularly. It is also important to clean your carpets professionally, to make sure that all these allergens are completely removed from your carpet fibers.

Pause for a second before you devour that fallen crumb

You may think that your carpets are not dirty judging its outer appearance but in reality, it could be the most dirt contaminated object that you could possibly know of. Brushing it off when a food item falls or even picking it assuming nothing would have dirtied it and eating them have grave consequences. Can you stomach the thought of eating anything that has dropped into such a dirty carpet? Bacteria can live up to four weeks in carpeting and the possibility of your fallen food piece being contaminated is very high.

Another momentous mistake made is walking on your carpets wearing shoes. This not only tracks dirt into the house, but it also gets grind into carpets because of its high friction surface. Moving a furniture around to cover any stains rather than cleaning them is another common habit. Time taken for cleaning up a stain soon after it’s caused would be much shorter and cost-effective than putting it up on your to-do list.

The solution is simple

If time has taught us one thing, it would be the benefits of a good hygiene. Having the objects around you germ-free is as important as keeping yourself hygienic. The task of carpet cleaning is always on the end of your list of jobs. Vacuuming is just not enough. Which is why doing a professional deep clean is advised. It is both time consuming and near impossible to clean the carpet until spotless by yourself.