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Battle of the Garage Doors: Tilt vs Sectional

When picking the ideal Garage door there are many things to consider like the type, finish, material, the style of your house etc.

Two of most common types of garage doors you’ll find in most homes are either a sectional garage door or Tilt garage door. Some owner just blindly selects one without knowing the advantages of either types which are very distinctive.

Let’s take a look at what these two types of garage doors and what their distinctive advantages are.

What’s a tilt garage door?

Tilt garage doors has been in the garage door industry for quite some time even before sectional doors came in and tookcover. Since this takes over sectional doors popularity kinds of pushed tilt door back and spotting one became rare.

Tilt doors can be identified easily by their big single piece of steel. Rather than bending or wrapping around a drum a tilt door works on a hinged spring mechanism. These springs lift them directly up and you can get the retractable type than pulls the door back into the garage or the tilt or canopy type which extends past the garage.

Tilt doors come with both automatic and manual openers with the latter being more popular. Check a reputed garage door company for the tilt garage door services offered.

Advantages of tilt doors

Even though there are quite rare, they still do exist, and owners usually prefer a tilt door mechanism when they want to preserve an old garage door or a set of old vintage windows from the previous garage door.

Another advantage of a tilt door is that because it is a single piece of material, the design options are wider. They don’t have sections or horizontal lines, so designs look nicer.

What is a Sectional Garage Door?

Many prefer this type because it is a hybrid between the traditional garage door and modern technology. The door is made up of a couple of sectional panels and it vertically opens up. It has wheels on either side that pulls the door up on a roller track and it bend right at the top so that it can be retracted inside the garage. Once fully open the door is parallel to the roof of the garage.

Advantages of Sectional Doors

Even though it is an industry-standard, sectional doors are quite inexpensive.

One of the main advantages a sectional door has over a tilt door is safety. If the tilt door isn’t properly maintained and if the springs give away, then the doors could collapse on you or your car. The sectional door however onceretracted safely rests on a frame fitted to the top of your garage.

Another advantage of sectional doors is the fact that they are more durable than tilt doors from the build to the mechanisms used.

If you still aren’t sure of which to pick contact a garage door professional and let him help you decide based on your house type and other factors such as garage space.