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A Simple Guide To Building A Home

Building a house from scratch is no easy task. There is a lot of planning going into it and an intense amount of labor to complete this task. If you have decided to build a home of your own, you might wonder what exactly goes into building it. It is very important that you choose the right builders to build your home.  It’s good to know a simple guide on how this is done. This way you can supervise it properly and also celebrate each milestone as it gets closer to the end. Here is a simple guide to building a home.

Foundation Is Laid

The first step is to lay the foundation for the house. For example, Timba worx specialise in the north beaches and surrounds can help you with the building of your house from the start to the end. First the site is cleared of all debris and rocks and trees, so that the land is empty. Then the land is flattened out. If the house has a basement, then the hole must be dug at this stage. Then wooden frames are made to stand which gives a temporary template for the walls of the house. Footings are laid. Foundation walls are laid next. Concrete is made and it is poured into the foundation walls, holes and trenches. This will need time to set.

Plumbing And Electrical Wiring

After the concrete has set well in the foundation, the plumbing and electrical aspect of the house should be initiated. Pipes have to be run along the walls, floor and ceiling. Likewise, electrical wiring too must be run along in these structures. Immediately following this, the roof is laid, which will make the house ‘dried in’. In other words, the interior of the house won’t be drenched in water if it happens to rain. Then the power outlets, lights and switches will be installed along with the wiring for appliances. As the house is ‘dried in’, there is minimal possibility of any electrocution occurring.

Completing The Interiors

Now, the drywall can be hung and taped. The primary coat of painting can be applied to the walls from inside. Framework for doors, windows, stairs, fireplaces, and any other structure can be started on as well. With another coat of painting, it is almost complete. Hard surface or ceramic tiling for the flooring can be installed as well. If there are any countertops, these will be built at this stage.

Completing The Exteriors

Exterior of the house is installed with laying of stones or bricks as preferred. Walkaways and driveways are defined and laid out. Some choose to wait until the very end to pour concrete for the driveways because heavy vehicles and equipment like trucks and bulldozers, that will be used in the making of the house, can damage it.

Final Touches

Electrical sockets, lights and lamps are all fixed. Bathroom fixtures with sinks, bathtubs and shower doors are fixed. If there is a garden or patio, trees are planted and the relevant landscape is installed.