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Relaxation and Rejuvenation: 5 Ways to De-stress

As we go about our daily lives, we often tend to forget the importance of taking a break and simply relaxing.  Relaxation has the power to rejuvenate and calm your body. This in turn allows you to gain a clear mind and improves your concentration, decision-making and optimism. Not only does relaxation help you, de-stress, but it also lowers your blood pressure and your heart rate, helping you feel refreshed and at ease. Keep reading to find out some of the simple and easy ways to feel relaxed and refreshed.


Using essential oils and scented candles is a sure way to reduce stress and anxiety. Different aromatherapy scents have different effects on people, for example the scent of lavender can help you sleep more easily while the cool scent of peppermint reduces fatigue.  Apart from candles and scented oils, you could even use essential oils, diffusers or even soothing body products.

Read a good book

There is no better way to relax than to escape the bounds of reality and into another, more exciting world. Not only is this a sure way for you to forget about your troubles and worries but according to studies, reading can also lower your heart rate and muscle tension, allowing your body to be calm and at ease. I’m sure all bookworms would agree.

Soak in a lazy bath

A good bath does more than just cleanse your body. It also helps cleanse your mind as you unwind and relax into the warm water. A good warm bath is also known to be one of the best ways to treat sore muscles and untie the knots of tension. If you want to make your bath a bit more fun with bath salts or even bath bombs AU has you covered. The use of aromatherapy in bath through either candles or essential oils and body products can give you that extra healing touch.

Do yoga or go for walks

Be it to tackle your physical or mental stress or emotions, yoga and walking can be of great help. According to studies and research, they are known to help release endorphins that promote and help you rejuvenate as well as relax. If not for a heavy walk, a calm stroll could also do the trick. Another benefit of yoga is it helps with your breathing.

Get a massage or facial

A good and well-deserved spa day with some facial and massaging is one of the greatest ways to help you refresh and rejuvenate. It keeps your skin healthy and muscles relaxed. As for massages, there are several different types of massages you could go for, such as acupressure, remedial, etc.

If not at a spa you could even do a little facial at home with the help of lotions, oils and a cold face roller. A good facial can do more than just rejuvenate you, it’ll also help you maintain a healthy and glowing skin.

Playing with a furry friend, listening to music, journaling, etc are some of the other things you could also consider doing in order to relax.