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Must Have Tools for DIY Home Restorations

DIY house repairs, whether they are renovating or adding major enhancements, are rarely simple. This is despite how simplistic reality TV often makes them appear to be. But DIY home repairs are a lot harder without using the following equipment at hand. From inexpensive to not-so-cheap, probably ask around to loan these tools, or to buy your own and to love them always like your own baby.

Measuring Tape

Not just every old measuring tape is going to do it. It’s one of those ‘DIYers best friend’ kinds of situations as a decent measuring tape is a life-long companion. You get one that not only lasts a fall from the top of the garage you’re converting to the fourth bedroom, but also enjoys it. It also needs to be technologically sophisticated enough that it has a switch that prevents the tape from retracting back to its house. There are few instruments that you can use more frequently or with such love and devotion as your measuring tape.

If you’re looking for renovation hardware Australia get in touch with contractors. One thing you’ll never see them without is their measuring tape.

Cordless Drill

Maybe it’s best to assume that any piece of hardware is a life-long investment. A successful cordless drill must, however, sit at the forefront. Whether it’s a bathroom remodelling, a kitchen remodelling or a whole home reconstruction project, look at buying in a lithium-ion cordless drill. It is small, the battery is less toxic than the nickel-cadmium cells and lasts a lot longer and takes less time to charge.

Look out for: strong trigger power, so that you can quickly turn from slow to quick while drilling; easy-to-reach reverse switch, preferably one that is within reach of your forefinger and thumb; a clutch or torque lever that slips when the spin on the screw reaches a highest point; and light, to drill into dark places.

Speed Square

Often dubbed Quick Square, this inexpensive tool can also seem to be the most dangerous and frustrating tool around, mainly because it reminds people of high school trigonometry. With a touch of Google’s support, this can be a handy tool like a saw guide, a bevel, a power saw guide (like a ruler with a pencil) or a protractor.


It’s hard to scale the heights you would like to scale without a ladder like a DIYer. There are multiple kinds of ladders, but who can avoid the particular ladder that we see marketed late at night on infomercials, a ladder with a million various positions. Make sure that it has an attachment for your supplies, and that the rungs are made to keep you secure while you stand on the ladder for hours, painting the railings of a new bedroom.

Tack hammer

DIY home renovations rarely happen without any substantial demolition work. The Japanese Cat’s Paw would hardly be helping you knock down the unnecessary wall, but it’s going to be a tack hammer. Ensure you pick a tack hammer that you can raise without the need for a hernia. They’re a lot like bowling balls, if you can only raise them once before you break a sweat, switch them down to a smaller hammer.