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How to Detail your Car the Right Way

There are many ways to detail your car. One of the easier methods is to give it to a professional to do it for you, but it can be quite expensive. To save that money for something else, you will have to do this by yourself. Surprisingly, it is not quite difficult, but it does take quite a long time to do. Regardless, many would consider detailing their car by themselves as a rewarding feeling at the end of the day. Here is how you can detail your car by yourself.


The first thing that you should do is wash the car. This should not be like a regular wash though. You have to make sure that the car is washed rigorously. This means that you have to wash every little gap with water, and you will have to apply a good quality car shampoo to make sure that all the grime and dirt is removed once they are washed off. The best tool for this is to use a pressure washer made for washing cars. This makes the job even easier when compared to a regular hose pipe.


Once the car is nicely washed up, wiped and dried, you will have to cut the car. Cutting here means the application of a cream-like substance to the exterior of the car. This takes off all the grime and dirt that the car shampoo could not take off. The cream-like substance is quite thick and does require quite some strength to make sure properly apply it. Another important thing to consider is the cloth you use to apply the substance. Always be sure to use a soft cloth that is clean and made out of cotton.


Once you have cut the vehicle, you most probably have gotten the original colour of the car. Now you have to get the original shine of the car. For this, you will have to apply a good polish. Click here for more information if you want to find the best polish for your car. Once again, you will have to take a clean soft cloth for the job. Polishing the car is much easier than cutting as the substance is not as thick as the cutting substance. Therefore, you do not need to put in much strength.

Final Touch-ups

Once you are done with the polish, there might be a few things that you might need to do in the interior of the vehicle. Sometimes you may need to check on the decals and vinyls of the vehicle, if they need to be redone. This can sometimes be a bit difficult, but as long as you have the correct equipment, it should not be a problem.

And just like that, you have detailed your car all by yourself, without the need to spend so much money on the labour that goes into it. All you need to do is purchase the detailing products and you can do it by yourself without that much effort.