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Important Features of a Visitor Management System

Not only because this is required by the government and the law, but hospitality businesses have adapted a more updated visitor management system that is reliable when it comes to dealing with COVID-19. The hospitality sector since it deals and serve thousands of clients on a daily basis is riskier and have a higher chance of contracting and passing the virus. From guests to hospitality staff, from guests to other guests, hospitality staff to suppliers, the possibility is countless, unless everyone takes the necessary precaution to limit the chances of passing the virus.

With the advancement in technology, ensuring the protocols for preventive COVID-19 measures is implemented, visitor management system have been updated to help establishments keep their guests and staffs safe.


Now that the need to track all the people a positive patient has been in contact with is necessary, pre-registration by guests have never been more imperative. Guests could pre-register and upload necessary documents such as ID and photo with their contact details which would make it easier for the establishment to contact them should they be at risk for contracting the virus after being exposed for example to a staff or another customer that tested positive. With this, the guest could get themselves tested and isolated so as not to be the carrier and not put their family, friends and colleagues at risk.

Quick Registration

Since registration is necessary to hospitality establishments, not all clients have the patience for this. This is also the reason why some businesses encourage pre-registration so when the guests arrive in the establishment, registration would be quicker. This is normal for hotels but for some restaurants, this procedure is still new since this was not the standard and some guests do not appreciate the delay. Fortunately, visitor registration apps for restaurants have made registration speedier so guests could go and enjoy their food.


Since the virus is transmitted not only via droplets but by touching surfaces that have the virus and using the hand to touch the ears, eyes or even putting the dirty hand in one’s mouth. Due to this, handling things with bare hands is not encouraged. Registration in hotels before involve handling identification to the staff. But because of COVID-19, contactless registration has been initiated. Restaurants follow suit. Even menu now could be accessed and read by customers by scanning a QR code instead of the usual before when a waiter or a serve staff would hand it over to a patron.

Temperature Recording

Since high temperature is one of the basic indications of the virus, guests coming in to hospitality businesses need to have their temperature checked. So, a visitor management system that records the temperature of all the guests is necessary since it could also be used to monitor when a guest becomes infected with the virus. If the guest’s temperature was still normal when they visited the establishment, chances are they contracted the virus after stepping out.

These are just some of the features a visitor management system must have during this time of the pandemic. Before you open your establishment, make sure that your visitor management system has all the above-mentioned features to ensure you are abiding with the COVID-19guidelines for all hospitality businesses.